First 90 Days Coaching

Making the successful transition to a new role has many complexities and our 90 Day Coaching programme helps you navigate those complexities to achieve your intended outcome.

There are external and internal elements to this coaching work. The external is about getting to grips with your new context, responsibilities, people and challenges. The internal is about letting go of your attachments and your identity in the old role, team and organisation, and working your way through a psychological transition into the ‘new you’, the leader you want to become in your new context.

Working with your SWAN Coach is designed to help you establish momentum and credibility in the first crucial 90 days and beyond. By anticipating what’s ahead and reflecting on your early impressions and experience, the coaching will help you build a robust sense of what it will take to achieve your aspirations in your new role. We will tailor our work using the focus areas listed below.

Leadership Brand

How you define your identity in your new role is key to developing a strong Leadership Brand that will enable you to engage the hearts and minds to the people you will be leading and influencing in your new role.

Understanding the challenge

Your first 90 days is a critical time for assessing the business challenges ahead, the network of relationships that will be key to your success and how the cultural dynamics work. complexities of the organisational ‘system’ How will you navigate the organisational culture and the power and politics of your new situation will be key.

The right plan

Once you’ve got a handle on what’s going on and the key challenges, you need an appropriate personal strategy and plan of action. You need an eye on the long-term, and a short-term plan that is flexible and can be adapted as you settle in and get feedback from your first steps. How will you establish the right balance between listening, learning, appraising, leading and doing?

Leading change

How will you go about changing things in a way which reflects your values, wins support, takes people with you and contributes to business results? These are the next and final parts of your transition coaching. Using SWAN’s energy and commitment tool you’ll be able to assess your team and other stakeholders and be better informed about the change strategies you can employ to achieve your desired outcomes.