Individual Coaching with SWAN Consulting

Coaching with SWAN is centred on the leader, his or her presenting issues and the organisational context. The coaching work is outcomes oriented and the SWAN coach works with the leader to understand, and bring to fruition, the Return on Investment (ROI). The development a leader undertakes with SWAN is integrated into a way of being rather than a persona or mask put on when operating in the world of work.


Facilitating self-development means the coach acts as a ‘mirror’. Being able to reflect blind spots in a client’s thinking, behaviour, and self-awareness, are areas which the coach would explore. Utilising facilitative skills means that the coach uses an inquiry style and facilitates the client to take personal responsibility for action.


As with any good guide, the coach will present options and point out potential barriers. Making suggestions for the client to consider is a key added value ingredient that comes with the coaching relationship. The coach takes a holistic view of issues so that the client can consider the connections between actions and potential outcomes.

Supporter and Advocate

The nature of self-improvement is that new approaches may need to be adopted, as old ways of thinking and working are abandoned. This can invoke feelings of insecurity and a lack of self-assurance. It is at these times the coach acts as the supporter and advocate of the individual, encouraging and supporting him/her through the transition period, where the ‘old’ is on its way out, and the ‘new’ feels strange and uncomfortable.

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future!”- George Bernard Shaw