Leadership Compass©

Current Context

Leadership today is set in a new context- there has been a quantum leap in the World, and now Leadership needs to make that leap. The complexity and ambiguity many leaders face is unprecedented. Leaders are leading in a different context today, and will be tomorrow- it’s just that not many of them realise it!

Developing Leadership Character

Leadership Character is the collection of qualities that distinguish a leader and include things like the individuality or uniqueness of the leader, the capacity to relate to people and to inspire them to action, and the mindedness to develop the capability and potential of people through their coaching and guidance. Harnessing these and other qualities a leader creates an environment where exceptional business performance can be achieved. Inspiring others is the key to successful leadership and this is the focus of SWAN’s flagship Leadership Programme. Some of the core questions Leadership Compass© raises are fundamental to inspirational leadership for the future. The commitment to transform old thinking and discover the new thinking that creates more from less, is how maximum return on investment is achieved from this programme.

Some call this alchemy

Leadership Compass© has three elements and would serve the agendas of future focused CEOs, Senior Leaders, High Potential Managers and Emerging Top Talent. SWAN also design leadership programmes that specifically address emerging issues in an organisation. These range from innovation and culture; to systems thinking and agility.


 The only one who is educated, is the one who has learned to learn – and change

– Carl Rogers

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